7605 Bell SE

Large 2 BR units, one upstairs, one downstairs. Close to schools, Park, and shopping $575.00 rent, $300.00 Deposit

7919 Bell SE

House, 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath, large yard. $650 Rent, $400 Deposit

637 Charleston SE

Nice, 2 Bedroom, all tile Apt., Washer/Dryer hook-up, Fenced backyard. $575.00 rent, $300.00 Deposit

516 Indiana SE

Nice, 2 Bedroom, Washer/Dryer Hook-up. Huge, common Courtyard with trees & grass. $580.00 rent, $300.00 Deposit

501 Texas NE

Nice, 1 BR Apartment, downstairs. Parking in front of Apt $480.00 rent, $200.00 Deposit

413 Dorado Dr SE

Nice downstairs 2 Bedroom, onsite Laundry. Close to Park, Community Center, Shopping. $575.00 per month rent, $300.00 Deposit

340 Charleston SE

340 Charleston SE

Very nice 2 Bedroom Apt, wrought Iron all around. $575.00 per month rent, $300.00...

12813 Dorado Drive SE

12813 Dorado Drive SE

Currently one vacancy. Very spacious 2 Bedroom Apt. Dishwasher, Fireplace. Upstairs. Security Wrought Iron door. $575.00 per month rent, $300.00...

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