We are a professional Property Management Company, with Rose Sena as Qualifying Broker, yet we are a family owned business and have managed properties in Albuquerque since 1989. We do the most professional job you can ever find.  We have many references, please ask us, we will be happy to furnish you several. Our Owners span from Alaska to California to Texas and Ohio.
We are a Full Service Management Company for Residential as well as Commercial Properties; we do however try to limit the properties we manage to Albuquerque’s NorthEast and SouthEast areas.  We personally show each and every property. No tenant is EVER handed a key and told to go look at the property.


We have our own Maintenance Crew, who do most of the ‘routine’ maintenance, however, if necessary, we have licensed Electrician and Plumbers on call, in cases where the problem requires a licensed Contractor. We pride ourselves in doing the job right the first time, so there is no having to go back and ‘redoing’ what wasn’t done right to begin with.  In addition, if our Owner lives in town, they have the option of taking care of their own maintenance, or letting us take care of the job.  All maintenance requests are called in to the Office by the tenants, where a workorder is prepared and given to our Maintenance Crew for repairs to be completed.